Bank Statement For Australia Student Visa Updated 2018

Update: This is an updated version of this article about financial requirements for Australian student visa. Australian immigration department has changed the way how prospective students can demonstrate their financial capacity to obtain a student visa for Australia.

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Electronics Shop Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

Electronics Shop Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of electronics business plan / proposal

1.1 Company and Project

The following report and recommendation relate to Emenike & Emenike Electronics.

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15+ UK Scholarships for international students

Do you want to study in the UK for free? The British Government and UK Universities provide a large number of scholarships for international students who wants to study in United Kingdom. Here a list ofthe top 15+ UK Scholarships for international studentsContinue Reading

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10 Best Flight Booking Sites

With so many flight booking sites popping up every day how do you find the cheapest tickets? We’ve done the math and here are our results. These are the sites that consistently help you find the cheapest airfares online, have the best overall UI & UX as well as customer support. These are the 10 best flight booking sites.


1. Skyscanner

It was quite a tough choice to pick between our number one and two choices. Skyscanner is a British website that provides information from various other travel portals to find you the cheapest airfares. It gets the number one spot because it consistently performs better than its competition. It also allows you to purchase the ticket directly from the airline. Skyscanner has a simple interface and is easy to use. [3]

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The Cheapest 5 Star Hotels In The World

When you think 5-star you think luxurious rooms, the perfect infinity pools, a great spread for breakfast and an overall celebrity experience. You also think about the soaring daily fares for each room which bring you down from cloud nine. What if we told you there were 5-star hotels around the world that don’t cause you to break into a sweat and cash out all your savings? Interested? Read on to find out about the cheapest 5 star hotels in the world

5 Most Affordable 5-Star Hotels In The World

These hidden gems have all the same excellent facilities you’d expect from a 5-star without causing a panic when it comes to time to pay the bill.

1. De Sol Hotel and Spa – Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a very popular tourist destination for vacationers. (check out the most popular tourist destinations in Europe). As is the case with most popular tourist destinations the prices of hotel rooms are usually quite steep. The De Sol Hotel and Spa in Santorini however bucks the trend in this case. It is a 5-star resort that provides luxurious, affordable living for all. Book your rooms a few months in advance though as you can imagine, they don’t stay on the market for long. [1]

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Mesothelioma Treatment Choices| Mesothelioma Surgery

At the point when an individual is determined to have tumor, treatment choices will be one of the primary subjects talked about with the oncologist. Accessible treatment choices will shift from patient to understanding contingent upon the kind of mesothelioma analyzed and the phase that the malady has advanced to at the season of finding. Mesothelioma, specifically, is an intense and forceful type of malignancy for which treatment choices have customarily been very restricted.

At the point when an as of late determined mesothelioma patient is exhibited to have choices for treatment, surgery might be prescribed. There are diverse types of mesothelioma surgery and some are proposed as a corrective measure, while others are intended to soothe indications of the ailment that can be very crippling and meddle with the patient’s personal satisfaction.

Sorts of Surgery Utilized with Mesothelioma


Surgery can happen at various focuses all through a patient’s involvement with mesothelioma. Surgery can be utilized at an early stage to help make a finding, and it can be utilized after an analysis is made either to annihilate the infection or to calm manifestations created by the disease development.

Symptomatic or exploratory surgery is utilized to help specialists figure out whether mesothelioma exists, more often than not by taking a biopsy. It can be as straightforward as utilizing a needle or it could require full open surgery, contingent upon the area of the tumor.

Remedial Surgeries 

Because of the way of mesothelioma and the way that when an analysis is made the infection has as a rule achieved a propelled arrange, a surgical cure is not an imaginable alternative. Be that as it may, now and again, surgery is proposed keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate however much of the disease as could reasonably be expected and is frequently trailed by other mesothelioma medications, for example, chemotherapy or potentially radiation.

In a perfect world, contender for these surgeries will be in the early phases of the infection where the tumor is still genuinely restricted and metastasis has not happened. Likewise, the patient should be in general great well being and free of other therapeutic issues that can confuse these methodology and extend the recuperation time frame. Surviving therapeutic issues—coronary illness, hypertension, and diabetes—are frequently an issue with more seasoned mesothelioma patients. These issues can additionally restrict treatment choices and make forceful surgical methodology a less positive decision.

In any case, if the specialist verifies that the patient is sufficiently solid, the accompanying surgeries might be prescribed:


A pleurectomy includes the evacuation of the instinctive and parietal pleura, which is the coating of the lungs. This might be utilized as a potential healing methodology additionally might be performed to address pleural emanation, the development of liquid in the lungs. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. To play out a pleurectomy, an entry point is made in the influenced zone, which has been desensitized with a neighborhood anesthesia. Through this entry point, both the inward and external linings of the lungs are expelled. The specialist may likewise pick to evacuate the lung tissue underneath the pleura. The method is at times taken after by chemo or radiation to expel any staying harmful tissue. The post-surgery remain for the pleurectomy is by and large about seven days however might be longer if confusions emerge amid or after surgery, including draining or disease.

Extrapleural Pneumonectomy

Suggested just in uncommon cases, this surgery includes the evacuation of the influenced lung and also the zones encompassing it. It is an exceptionally unsafe surgery and conveys with it a not insignificant rundown of intricacies including heart disappointment and genuine gastrointestinal issues. The system is like that of the pneumonectomy and applicants are the individuals who are in the prior phases of mesothelioma, which has not spread to the lymph hubs. Applicants ought to likewise be in generally great wellbeing. The recuperation time frame can keep going for up to a half-year or more.


A pneumonectomy is a radical surgery that includes the expulsion of the sick lung. Possibility for this method have mesothelioma that is constrained to only one lung. Performed under general anesthesia, this is a significant convoluted surgery that can take up to three hours to perform. Amid the surgery, the unhealthy lung will be emptied and after a few stages to avert seeping into the trunk cavity, the lung is evacuated through a genuinely huge entry point. On occasion, part of the fifth rib must be expelled too to give better access to the lung. A waste tube will then be embedded and the entry point shut. The patient will stay in surgical concentrated nurture around 48 hours and afterward in a consistent doctor’s facility space for one to two weeks, contingent upon intricacies, which are extremely basic with this method and happen in somewhere in the range of 50 percent of patients. It can likewise take up to six months for the solid lung to figure out how to carry out the employment of both lungs; henceforth, shortness of breath is a significant issue for pneumonectomy patients and many take a while to continue their ordinary movement.


This more genuine surgery is utilized to end the development of liquid for a more drawn out measure of time and includes embedding powder into the pleural space. The powder causes irritation and prevents the liquid from gathering, regularly for whatever length of time that a couple of years. It is an inpatient strategy performed under general soporific, requiring a healing center remain of no less than 72 hours, amid which time a trunk tube may stay set up to deplete any extra liquids. Recuperation time is 6 to two months for generally patients.

Surgeries that diminish mesothelioma indications like agony and different issues related with mesothelioma illness are as per the following:Pleurocentesis 

This technique is utilized to address pleural emission, the development of liquid in the pleural range encompassing the lungs. The liquid can make it extremely excruciating and troublesome for a mesothelioma patient to relax. The method is performed in an outpatient territory by method for a long, thin needle that is embedded into the pleural space to pull back liquid. The patient may return home a couple of hours after the method is finished and when the specialist is fulfilled that no unfavorable responses will happen.


Basically an indistinguishable technique from pleurocentesis, a paracentesis is performed to expel liquid that has gathered in the stomach territory to give more solace to patients with peritoneal mesothelioma.

Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Business Plan Feasibility Study

Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study


1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

The following reports and recommendation relate to the proposal of
Daystar Diagnostic Laboratory to establish a medical diagnostic
centre at Afikpo, Ebonyi state.

· The project would require a start-up capital of NX naira of which
NY naira is fixed and NZ naira is the working capital.

· The vision of the laboratory is to be the most outstanding,
qualified and reliable laboratory in Afikpo and within the state at

· The laboratory will be located at Mgbom, Afikpo because of good road
network, free land availability and its nearness to a hospital without
a laboratory that will form alliance with the laboratory.

· A huge market is available for the business to serve the entire
populace, both sick and healthy ones will serve as clients or
customers to the laboratory.

· The diagnostic laboratory will generate revenue through tax payment
for the government, and create job for the teaming youth.

· The funding requirement of the project is NB naira of which NC naira
is to be obtained as loan from the bank while ND naira will be
provided by the owner.

· The financial projections show that the project will be financially
stable and commercially viable by the time it matures. A net profit of
N2273740, N2849000, and N3, 569000 are expected for the 1st, and 2nd
and 3rd years respectively.

· Only three competitors have been identified, one strong and the
other two weak. But the laboratory shall have competitive edge over
them in terms of quick service delivery aided by automation and
accurate diagnosis with reliable results.

· From the analytical points of view, the proposed project is found to
be technically feasible, financially viable and economically
desirable. Thus, it is recommended for implementation.


2.0 BACKGROUND for Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study


The idea to establish a unique, Daystar diagnostic laboratory at
Afikpo is the result of the supervision recently conducted by medical
laboratory scientists that revealed that of the three medical
laboratories instituted in the area, only one is up to standard
probably because it is within a hospital while the others are owned
and managed by people who have no knowledge of the profession and did
not even study it as a course.

People even with their money, suffer and die of sicknesses whose
causes could be identified and the right treatment given if the
existing laboratories were competent. I think this is an ample
opportunity to establish a qualified laboratory whose competence is
well known to the general public because of the quality of service/
diagnosis it is capable of delivering.


v To be the most outstanding, qualified and reliable medical
laboratory in Afikpo of Ebonyi state and within the state at large.

v To reduce mortality rate in Afikpo through accurate investigation of
the causes of the diseases that lead to death.

v To restore the hope of the public/patients on medical tests through
the release of impeccable results.


To carryout an accurate laboratory diagnosis and to release the most
reliable result through the use of well trained personnel and modern


Ø The laboratory shall be a sole proprietorship business owned and
managed by Owuru Erica.

Ø He is a registered Nigerian medical laboratory scientist with a
license to operate or practice.


The laboratory shall be located at Mgbom in Afikpo North Local
Government Area of Ebonyi state. This choice of site is prompted by
the following factors.

· Availability of self acquired land to contain expansion of the laboratory

· Its nearness to a well known hospital that has no lab.

· Availability of good road network and lively nature of the settlement


Daystar diagnostic laboratory shall provide the following services:-

· All Hematological analysis (using blood samples)

· Chemical pathologic analysis

· Microbiological analysis (using stool, blood, sputum, urine, samples etc)

· Histologic processing of tissues

· Blood transfusion and immunological analysis.


Required facilities

· Culture plates and media for culturing organisms.

· Microscopes and slides, for observing microscopic organisms

· Auto analyzers, for quick analysis of samples.

· Test tubes

· Centrifuge

· Spectrophotometer

· Incubator

· Microtome

· Automatic tissue processor

· Reagents

· Laboratory tables

· Refrigerator

Diagnostic Processes

· Culturing processes

· Centrifugation of fluid samples

· Staining

· Microscopy

· Biochemical reactions

· Incubation

· Colorimetry

· Photometry

Output Target

The output target of Daystar Diagnostic Laboratory is 500 tests per day.


· Employment of a good and well behaved receptionist who will act
friendly to patients/customers

· Regular and availability of services to patients at any point in time.

· Quick analysis of samples and delivery of expected and reliable results.

· Diagnosis and accurate prescription of drugs after diagnosis.


· People’s preference for a laboratory that diagnoses and prescribes
drugs instead of hospitals that are rather expensive.

· Alliance with a private hospital without a laboratory, that sends
its patients to Daystar Diagnostic laboratory.

· Production of reliable lab results at cheaper prices.

· Low quality standard of existing laboratories


3.0 MARKET AND CLIENTS of Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study


The target clients include

(1) All kind of patients (sick people)

(2) Pregnant women and nursing mothers.

(3) Normal/ healthy individuals

· Patients need our services for diagnosis of their ailments and
consequently for their treatment.

· Women who suspect pregnancy need our laboratory for its confirmation.

· Healthy individuals need our services for medical report and
examination of fitness especially in terms of employment

· Healthy individuals also need the laboratory for confirmation of
marital compatibility.


The expected competitors include:

(1) Mater Miscericordiae hospitals.

(2) Amachi medical laboratory


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Jeweh kelvin
Account No – 0125961425

After payment text your name and e-mail address to 09052016587 and you’ll receive your MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDY IN NIGERIA.

Lpg Filling Plant Business Plan Pdf/ Feasibility Study Manual

Do you want to Start a profitable Cooking gas plant business in Nigeria, Here’s a comprehensive feasibility study Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business Plan PDF with detailed information about how to start lpg filling plant in Nigeria.
This Feasibility study proposal for Cooking Gas plant Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for Business Grant Applications, Applying for Bank Loans, cooking gas business Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, and seminar presentation.


Introduction & Terms of Reference – – – –
2 Executive Summary – – – – – –
3 Nature of Gas plant Business Plan In Nigeria/Feasibility Study Report
4 Direct Cost & Operational Expenses – – – 9
Revenue – – – – – – –
10 Expenditure/Capital Cost – – – – – 10
Plant Operation/List of Equipment – – – – 11
Shares Capital – – – – – – 14
Organization & Management – – – – – 15
Projected Balance Sheet – – – – – 16
Profitability Projection – – – – – 17
Cash Flow Projection – – – – – 19
Calculation of Loan Repayment & Interest – – – 21
Notes to Accounts & Projection – – – – 32

Calculation of Monthly Loan Repayment, Processing Fees, Management
Fees and Interest – – – – 22
Fixed Asset and Depreciation Computation – – 24
Direct Cost Estimate for years 1 – 5 – – – 29
Operational Cost for years 1 – 5 – – – 30

GET YOUR Cooking Gas (LPG) Plant Business Plan PDF Nigeria which contains the full financial analysis for N25,000 only.

To place an order Call Kelvin on 09052016587

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Jeweh Kelvin
Account No – 0125961425
After payment text your name, your e-mail address & payment details to 09052016587 and immediately we will forward a copy of COMPLETE LPG / COOKING GAS PLANT BUSINESS PLAN PDF & FEASIBILITY REPORT (INCLUDING THE FINANCIAL ANALYSIS to your email.

The company XYZ is a private limited liability company Incorporated and registered on 9th September, 2002 with the Corporate Affairs commission (CAC). The company intends to expand it’s existing business of Gas production, marketing and haulage.
The expansion is on the premise of securing N40million loan facility from Fidelity Bank Plc. At a meeting between the client/directors and our firm – ABC, it was agreed that the necessary information and data should be compiled to produce a feasibility/business plan to determine the viability of the project/facility

The objectives of this Gas Plant Business Plan / Feasibility Study are :
To evaluate the operational profitability of the facility and hence expand the business of the company beyond it’s present level.
To determine the ability of the company to pay back the loan within the stipulated period.

Though our analysis in this report is restricted to only gaseous oxygen and gaseous nitrogen sales, it should be noted that there are other by products that will also generate revenue to the company.


This study is in respect of an existing Company whose prime objective of operation is the production of gaseous oxygen/gaseous nitrogen, processing, marketing and haulage.
The products of the company are distributed to the general public for use of cooking and to companies for industrial use.
The study is to evaluate the viability of the loan to expand the present level of the company’s operation.
From the study/projection, the viability of the project has been established as the company will be able to pay back the loan within twenty four (24) months.
There is high profit margin from year 1 increasing by a slight percentage to 5 years.
The Assets has been increase from N24,583,030 to M55,941,813 at the close of years 5
Within the five years plan, the company will require Fixed Assets/Equipments amounting to forty million naira N40,000,000 or more to assist in business expansion.
The liquidity profile is equally very encouraging with a cash balance of N462,871,000 at 31st December year 5.

The plan/study is prepared on behalf of XYZ to assess/evaluate the viability of securing a loan facility from Fidelity Bank Plc.
Man power will be obtained locally and the staff strength for the company is about 26 persons. The details are provided in the body of the report.
Oxygen and nitrogen are in vest amounts in the earth’s atmosphere with availability put in the order of about 21% and 78% gases respectively.
Oxygen is produced by air separation processes that use either cryogenic liquefaction and distillation or vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) separation. It can be stored and shipped as either gas or cryogenic liquid.
The principal uses of oxygen stem from its strong oxidizing and life-sustaining properties. It is used in medicine for therapeutic purpose and in the metals industry for steelmaking and metal cutting applications
Oxygen for the fabrication sector focuses on the needs of customers who weld, cut, shape, coat or teat metals and materials.
Typical customers include those in the automotive (component supplies, assemblers, manufacturers, repairs and maintenance suppliers) construction, general manufacturing.

In the chemical and petroleum industries, oxygen is used in the production of a wide variety of fuels and chemicals.
Oxygen is used in the pulp and paper industries for a variety of applications.
In the glass industry, oxygen/fuel combustion is used to reduce particulate and NOX emissions in melting operations.
Nitrogen also has many industrial uses in the reduce particulate and NOX emissions in melting operations.
Nitrogen also has many industrial uses in the gaseous forms which include the liquid nitrogen, which is extremely col. Items that must be frozen to extremely low temperatures for preservation are frequently stored in liquid nitrogen, which is extremely cold. Items that must be frozen to extremely low temperature and pressure, it is used as the air in the inert welding atmospheres.
Foods, documents and chemicals are sometimes stored in nitrogen to keep them from oxidizing or reacting with air or water.
The list of users for the two products speaks volumes on the nature and size of the market,. This is even so when one considers the few industrial gas plants in the country today compared to the demand for these products. Benin City where XYZ plants are located is well positioned to serve the large market in Delta, Anambra, Kogi, Ondo and Ekiti States. The largest consumers of oxygen today in this zones are “panel beaters” and metal fabricators generally, and this class of consumers are highly concentrated in the target geographical area where this company is a household name with a reasonable level of market share which have been achieved as a result of customer satisfaction and confidence over the years of the company’s operation in the area.

The main competitors in the industrial gases market in the region include; BOC gases, Air liquid NIG. Plc, IGL (all in Warri and Port Harcourt).
However there are small capacity plants with capacities not exceeding 60cu.m/hr of oxygen. Stiff competition is not observed among them because the market is large and very far from saturation. Each thrives in its own market niche and there is no dominance observed so far among the various gas plants.

XYZ has a strong commitment to safety. The company as such operates within clearly defined health, safety and environmental rules. An average work environment is hazardous and this hazard vary from one environment to the other in relation to the kind of job been carried out. This made it necessary to constantly expose personnel to safety department
With the right attitude at XYZ believe that all accident are avoidable. Only fully medically examined personnel are allowed in their work environment. Our safety department trained and qualify personnel know what induction to give and what Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) to provide for every job.
With an healthy staff, with adequate safety orientation having the right type of qualification and experience working in a safety certified environment and follows strict safety instruction, the company get minimum near misses and managed always to avoid accident.

An environmental impact assessment is an assessment of the possible positive or negative impact that a proposed project may have on the environment, together consisting of the natural, social and economic aspects.
The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that decision makers consider the ensuing environmental impacts when deciding whether to proceed with a project.
Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in the business world. Companies have become responsible for the environmental impacts of their operations and therefore they are now more aware of problems such as carbon emissions etc.
The growth of environmental issues and regulations has also brought greater focus on how businesses manage environmental issues.

Environmental issues are important to businesses for a number of reasons
Ensuring Compliance wi9th regulatory standards
Ensuring that environmental issues are adequately managed by companies etc.
Ensuring the safety of people that lived in the environment
A regular review of interactions with the environment, the degree of impact and also the impact of forthcoming major investments
Minimizing waste or better still eliminate or possibility of recycling or selling waste.

At XYZ, environmental issues are taken seriously and the impact of the company’s product to the environment is not damaging as the company’s product i.e. nitrogen & oxygen gas depends on air as part of its basic raw materials.
The company has a well defined plan of action on the management of environmental issues as part of its policy. The company as part of its plan intends to develop a modern detector that helps to detect when there is leakages in the company’s storage tank and cylinders so as to reduce then negative impact it may have on the environment.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Jeweh Kelvin
Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 09052016587 and you’ll receive your COOKING GAS / LPG FILLING PLANT BUSINESS PLAN & FEASIBILITY STUDY PROPOSAL.

SWOT Analysis And How To Do It


It’s not just a word, SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. So a SWOT analysis is a study carried out by a group, organization, company, firm, industry and the likes, to be fully aware of it’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This tool was originated by Albert .S. Humphrey, an American Business and Management Consultant, who specialized in organizational management in the 1960s and since then the SWOT analysis has proved to be a very useful tool, necessary to create an effective strategy in any company, organization, group, industry, firm etc. As a matter of fact the importance of SWOT analysis in a business cannot be overemphasized. It helps to have a detailed plan, draft good strategies and have solid predictions. This is as a result of the fact that it gives due cognizance to the factors that can make or mar any organization, company or firm. Invariably, it gives such an organization more chances of survival and thriving, making them better established and ready to tackle challenges as they come as well as maximize opportunities. An organization, firm, company or industry that would want to remain relevant has to make use of this very important tool and be fully aware of internal factors which are the strengths and weaknesses of the company or firm, as well as the external factors which are opportunities and threats. The manner at which these factors are handled is a major determinant of the success rate of the company and how long the establishment would remain successful.

One of the major reasons why SWOT is well used and quite popular is because in a concise and precise way, it shows the important factors that are crucial to the success of any firm. It directs the minds of the managers and directors to priorities that should not be ignored. Most of the pressing challenges a firm would usually have are streamlined and compressed by SWOT to these four basic factors which are strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, thus helping the directors and managers to have a workable action plan in order to remain relevant.

Now that you’ve known just how important a SWOT analysis is, do you want to do one? As earlier said, the SWOT analysis is quite simple and not ambiguous so you will get the hang of it in no time.

First, you need to have an objective. It will be a difficult task to be carrying out a SWOT analysis on different projects at the same time. So get the objective. This also gives you purpose as you know what you intend to achieve at the end of the day.

After that, draw a table and divide it into four squares. Label each part with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats respectively, then fill them in properly. Here’s an explanation of what to fill into the squares.

STRENGTHS: A definition of strength is the strongest part of something on which confidence or reliance is based. They are those areas that you are very good at and even better when compared with your competitors. They are areas where you have an edge over others and factors that you are well grounded in and have a great level of control over. They could range from certain areas such as marketing, human resources, special skills, customer care, machineries, equipments, capital etc. They are generally anything within your company that helps the company succeed, aids in the business and is used to the company’s advantage, which is properly under control. Those are the strengths.

WEAKNESSES: A definition of weakness is an inadequate quality. They are areas or factors that still needs to be worked on and improved as they could be used by the competition against you. Your need to seal up these loop holes in these areas and fix the porous factors should be paramount once they have been identified, because if not handled then your competition would always make use of those areas and factors to stay ahead of you. The weaknesses just like the strengths are internal and within the company, firm, business or industry and could include lack of resources, low expertise, inferior technology, inaccessible location amongst others. You have to be aware of the fact that these weaknesses places you at a great disadvantage and to stay relevant, it is essential that they are appropriately tackled.

OPPORTUNITIES: A definition of opportunity is a favourable circumstance or occasion. They are those occasions which when maximized properly will be for your good and give you an added advantage over the others. Your business or organization exists for a reason and opportunities are those events, occasions and situations that enables you achieve those goals and fulfill that purpose as well as meet the reason for which the organization was established. Note that opportunities are external and not found within the company. In fact opportunities are openings and chances which leads to exponential growth and success if properly maximized. These opportunities may include change in people’s need, an expanded market etc.

THREATS: A definition of threat is an indication of potential or imminent danger. Anything that could lead to a decrease in your growth or success rate poses as a threat and is of course dangerous. Threats are those factors, areas or situations that can adversely affect the business. They put you at risk of losing relevance and render your marketing strategies ineffective. They could be your competition, hoarding of foods by suppliers, change in consumer needs amongst others. If you are able to pinpoint the threats, then you have more chances of finding a solution to the problem and it is advised to act fast, after all a stitch in time saves nine right?

After you have drawn the grid and properly filled out the boxes of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, then you will be able to deduce the state and condition of your business and it’s chances of survival. If also gives you a clear view of the areas you are lacking, the areas that needs to be worked on and the loop holes to cover. It is best advised to harness the opportunities and minimize the threats while strengthening your weaknesses. SWOT analysis basically puts everything on the table for you to fully analyze and decide on the best course of action to take.

How To Choose Best Health Insurance Plans & Policies In Texas

How To Choose Best Health Insurance Plans & Policies In Texas?

Health Insurance is an effective way for individuals to plan for uncertain medical expenses / treatment. Health insurance has many benefits for the individual and the family, provided you are careful in choosing the best mediclaim policy.

There are many health insurance options in India, so selecting the best health insurance policy is never easy.

Selecting the best health insurance policy that is optimum for your needs and covers you adequately, is very important.
Here are some points you ought to consider in your quest for the best health insurance plan in India:

Understand Your Needs

The most important step is to analyze your own requirements with regards health insurance. This involves doing a roundup of the number of members in the family, number of children, number of seniors, common medical / hereditary problems impacting the family and so on. This way you have a fairly good idea about how much cover you and your family need.
Sum Assured

This is the health cover of the health insurance policy. The policy reimburses expenses on medical treatment up to the sum assured. A higher sum assured is preferable since that leaves you covered for a larger amount against medical emergencies. This is especially true, if you are living in a metro or a tier I city, where medical expenses are significantly higher than tier II / tier III cities. However, you need to be careful against being both over-insured and under-insured, so it’s best to strike a balance by starting with a reasonable cover and enhancing it with a rise in income and family size.
Coverage of Illnesses

Make sure the health insurance policy covers a larger number of illnesses; particularly critical Illnesses since they are the ones that need particular care and can be very expensive to treat. Look particularly for illnesses and medical conditions common in the family, like diabetes or cancer for instance. Also, review the terms and conditions related to exceptions – i.e. illnesses not covered by the policy like pre-existing illnesses and so on.
Hospital Network

Your health insurance policy must have a broad network of hospitals and should particularly include the better ones in your neighborhood. When being admitted in an emergency it helps to have access to the best hospitals in the vicinity. It is important to go for a medical insurance plan with a wider network of hospitals specializing in a range of treatments.
Tenure of the Health Plan

Understand the tenure of the health insurance plan, particularly the renewal part. Health plans of life insurance companies can be renewed every three years or even more depending on the plan. On the other hand, medical policies of health insurers must be renewed every year. Go with the health insurance plan that is convenient to renew – if you are a very busy person an extended renewal plan works best.

Understand your alternatives to buying individual health insurance
The cheapest purchase you’ll ever make is the one you don’t make. It’s entirely possible that you don’t have to buy individual health insurance at all

2. Know what you need and can afford
Assuming that step one doesn’t apply to you, the most important step in finding cheap health insurance is to determine exactly what you need in terms of coverage and what you can afford

3. Go to
Perhaps the easiest step of all is to go to the website and complete an application. It’s easy, that is, if you’re doing so during an open enrollment period (the next one starts on Nov. 1)