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Wanted!! Edo State Police In Search Of Homosexual Osarodion Godfirst

Despite the best efforts of federal government of nigeria to clamp down on the unlawful and shameful act of homosexuality, some people still engage in this ungodly act, and this is the case of one Mr osarodion Godfirst who is currently been wanted by the nigeria police for indulging in same sex (homosexual relationship).
At the time of bringing you this report, Mr osarodion Godfirst who hails from Urhonigbe community in  Orhionmwon local government area of edo state nigeria has been declared wanted by the police to answer for his crime of homosexuality.
You will remember that the nigeria government has strongly fought against same sex relationship and its for that reason the Nigeria police imposed a fourteen( 14) years jail term for any body found indulging in the abominable act of homosexuality.
Osarodion GodfirstMr Osarodion Godfirst is among many youths who are on the police wanted list for the crime of homosexuality and same sex relationships.
The life of this young man Mr osarodion Godfirst, could be in great danger not just from been wanted by the police, but also from been lynched by other shallow minded youths because the nigerian culture has not fully accepted the practice of same sex relationship.
Since been declared wanted by the Edo state police in 2017,the whereabouts of this 21 years young man is still unknown,  and every effort from friends and relative of Mr osarodion Godfirst to locate his whereabout has not yielded result.
According to an eye witness, Madam Amadin,  Osarodion Godfirst had to flee for his life after he was caught pants down with one mr Deco who was alleged to be his lover.
our corespondent narrated how osarodion Godfirst narrowly escaped with his life after he  and his lover were beaten mercilessly and molested by angry mobs about 12 months ago. It is believed that i was this inhuman act that has led to the disappearance of Mr osarodion Godfirst.

One question that still begs to be answered is how this young man who has been described as  being a god fearing and honest person could turn out to be involved in this abominable act of homosexuality, many people in Orhionmwon community still believe that Mr Osarodion Godfirst remain a honest person who deserve a second chance, but that has not stopped the Edo state police to declare him wanted for homosexuality.

For those who don’t know this young man, Mr osarodion Godfirst was a residence of Urhonigbe community in  Orhionmwon local government  of edo state nigeria, he’s from a christian family background, but unfortunately osarodion Godfirst  lost his both parent to a ghastly motor accident along the benin- ore road in 2013.
After the demise of his parents,osarodion Godfirst moved in with a one male teacher at his community school in Edo state nigeria due to the harsh treatment he got from his uncles.
Its safe to say that this male teacher who remained unmarried till his death might have been the one who initiated young osarodion Godfirst into the act of homosexuality which is still considered a taboo here in nigeria.
There is little credible information about the whereabout of Mr osarodion Godfirst at this time but the police has setup a special squad to locate and arrest mr osarodion Godfirst and other homosexuals in edo state.
Gay right advocates estimate that in 2011,at least 26 men were arrested and prosecuted in nigeria.
Homosexuality and lesbianism is still considered to be grievous ethical crimes in nigeria and any one caught in this act must face the wrath of the law by going in for a 14 years jail term with hard labour.