How To Choose Best Health Insurance Plans & Policies In Texas

How To Choose Best Health Insurance Plans & Policies In Texas?

Health Insurance is an effective way for individuals to plan for uncertain medical expenses / treatment. Health insurance has many benefits for the individual and the family, provided you are careful in choosing the best mediclaim policy.

There are many health insurance options in India, so selecting the best health insurance policy is never easy.

Selecting the best health insurance policy that is optimum for your needs and covers you adequately, is very important.
Here are some points you ought to consider in your quest for the best health insurance plan in India:

Understand Your Needs

The most important step is to analyze your own requirements with regards health insurance. This involves doing a roundup of the number of members in the family, number of children, number of seniors, common medical / hereditary problems impacting the family and so on. This way you have a fairly good idea about how much cover you and your family need.
Sum Assured

This is the health cover of the health insurance policy. The policy reimburses expenses on medical treatment up to the sum assured. A higher sum assured is preferable since that leaves you covered for a larger amount against medical emergencies. This is especially true, if you are living in a metro or a tier I city, where medical expenses are significantly higher than tier II / tier III cities. However, you need to be careful against being both over-insured and under-insured, so it’s best to strike a balance by starting with a reasonable cover and enhancing it with a rise in income and family size.
Coverage of Illnesses

Make sure the health insurance policy covers a larger number of illnesses; particularly critical Illnesses since they are the ones that need particular care and can be very expensive to treat. Look particularly for illnesses and medical conditions common in the family, like diabetes or cancer for instance. Also, review the terms and conditions related to exceptions – i.e. illnesses not covered by the policy like pre-existing illnesses and so on.
Hospital Network

Your health insurance policy must have a broad network of hospitals and should particularly include the better ones in your neighborhood. When being admitted in an emergency it helps to have access to the best hospitals in the vicinity. It is important to go for a medical insurance plan with a wider network of hospitals specializing in a range of treatments.
Tenure of the Health Plan

Understand the tenure of the health insurance plan, particularly the renewal part. Health plans of life insurance companies can be renewed every three years or even more depending on the plan. On the other hand, medical policies of health insurers must be renewed every year. Go with the health insurance plan that is convenient to renew – if you are a very busy person an extended renewal plan works best.

Understand your alternatives to buying individual health insurance
The cheapest purchase you’ll ever make is the one you don’t make. It’s entirely possible that you don’t have to buy individual health insurance at all

2. Know what you need and can afford
Assuming that step one doesn’t apply to you, the most important step in finding cheap health insurance is to determine exactly what you need in terms of coverage and what you can afford

3. Go to
Perhaps the easiest step of all is to go to the website and complete an application. It’s easy, that is, if you’re doing so during an open enrollment period (the next one starts on Nov. 1)

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MTN Project Fame 2018 Registration Form | Audition Venues and Requirements

MTN Project Fame 2018 Registration | Audition Application Guide and Requirement

If you think you are musically talented and you have what t takes to win the grand prize in the Mtn project fame 2018 reality tv show, then here your chance to gain both riches and stardom through the MTN project fame west Africa.
In this post we will be sharing all the info’s you need to know about the MTN project fame 2018 registration form, where you can pick up the forms and also the MTN project fame 2018 audition venues and dates for the audition in the various states.

MTN Project Fame 2018 audition

MTN Project Fame 2018 audition

Do you know Chidinma aka Miss kedike, what you may not know about her is that she attained the level of music celebrity after she won the 2012 edition of MTN project fame west Africa.
This year might be your chance to meet and be mentored by seasoned music superstar which may just be he push you need to become the next MTN project fame winner just like chidinnma, Praiz, Iyamnya who have won various editions of the MTN project fame west africa show.
Its important to know the MTN project fame 2018 registration guidelines and rules of the competition

MTN Project Fame Audition 2018 Requirements and Application Form

MTN project fame 2018 contestant must be familiar with the below listed audition requirements

  1. If you are a Contestant with a recorded song or album, then you are not eligible to apply or participate in the MTN project fame 2018 because the project fame  music reality is for Novice just looking for a platform to kick start your music career.
  1. MTN project fame contestant must be 18 years and above at the time of applying for the MTN project fame west Africa to stand a chance of been selected as those who are under 18 years or those that did not verify their age will be disqualified.
  1. You must have any means of identification either International passport or ECOWAS passport or any national identity card.
  1. MTN PROJECT FAME APPLICATION FORM: If you meet all the necessary requirements, then you need the applications form. You can get the pin simply by dialling 5900 from your MTN Line

The 2018 MTN project fame application form will contain your personal details which you will need to fill out. Such as- Surname, First name and other names, Date of birth, Nationality, Email, Postal code, City, Phone number, Language spoken, Occupation, Instrument played, Music background

Vocal talent Yes or No

Song written Yes or No

You will be asked to write in not more than 50 words- “Why you want to participate in the MTN project fame.”

MTN project Fame Audition and Registration Form

To get the MTN project fame 2018 audition form simply dial 5900 on your MTN Line Only
Upload an Audio recording of   45 seconds after the voice prompt
Wait for your registration Pin to b sent to your phone.
Finally log on to the MTN project fame 2018 website at to fill the audition registration form with the pin sent to you
Your audition voice will be published on mtn Music +, copy the link and share with friends
You will get an sms with your audition venue and date.
Finally, you will have to visit your audition venue to be audited on the date given

MTN Project fame 2018 Audition Date

After completing your regurgitation, its important to be present for the physical auditions which will be holding in selected venues in Nigeria and Ghana and i highly advise you to constantly visit to know the audition dates and venue for your location