10 Weird Rules Kanye Makes Kim Kardashian Follow

6. Wardrobe Supervision
Apparently, it’s not just maternity clothes that Kanye has control over. He also keeps a close eye on Kim’s everyday wardrobe too. He makes sure she doesn’t buy or wear anything cheesy or tacky. And you know, it seems to work. You can clearly see a change in Kim’s style ever since she got together with Kanye. She says she’s happy to follow his rules and when she looks at pictures of herself a while back she cringes at some of her fashion choices.

7. Wedding Secrets
When they were getting married Kim was sworn to secrecy by Kanye. We’re sure that being the social media queen that she is, Kim wanted to tell everyone about her awesome wedding plans, but Kanye forbid it, so she couldn’t tell anyone where they were getting married. Even their wedding invitations were misleading, they said the location was in Paris. So when the guests showed up, it was a huge surprise for them to be flown to Florence, Italy, where the ceremony took place.

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